GrantsIndustry Partnerships are employer/worker consortiums that bring together companies with similar products, markets and human resource needs. They are organized by industry sector based on an analysis of where Pennsylvania, and/or multi-county regions, appear to have a competitive advantage. The intent is to make intelligent and prudent investments to develop the human capital that will lead to greater productivity, enlightened human resource practices and innovation – thereby helping these industries to survive and grow. Most importantly, by bringing together employers
committed to the development of their workforce, these partnerships develop a deep and thorough understanding of their industry. Management and employees gain insight by researching the future of the industry. Government also uses this industry intelligence to help its education and training partners better understand the future needs of industry.

IPs uncover common skill challenges within industries and, using economies of scale,
apply private and public resources across numerous employers to addresss those
challenges. Tax dollars and employer investments support the entire industry, not just
one company’s needs. Through IPs, industry-recognized credentials can be developed
that enable workers to advance with their current employers or seek better opportunities elswhere. Training needs are communicated to educational partners who develop curricula for new college courses, or high school career and technical programs. IPs also have the flexability to respond to changing industry needs.

The Results

  • There are more than 6,300 businesses involved in nearly 80 Industry Partnerships across Pennsylvania.
  • More than 70,000 workers have been trained since the inceptionof this initiative in 2005.
  • Workers who received training through Industry Partnerships saw their wages rise by an average of 6.62 percent within the first yearafter receiving training.
  • 88 percent of businesses in Industry Partnerships reported being very satisfied or satisfied with the program.
  • 84 percent of businesses reported Industry Partnerships and training have helped them significantly increase their productivity.
  • Industry leaders have contributed more than $9 million in private funds and more than $30 million in-kind contributions to support training andother initiatives identified through these Industry Partnerships.